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  1. Headers
    Wondering if an AGCO 400 series header will fit our massey 8780xp (black throat). I know this head will fit Gleaner combines n5 through to R72 (with a 300 series feeder house). If needed I will get the measurements but I was just wondering if anybody on here has ran that configuration. TIA
  2. Massey Ferguson
    Hey guys I am helping an elderly widow move a mask for 10 combine that her husband had bought years ago. Tires are up there’s no header on it but the front is dug into the ground so I need to get the hydraulics released so I can raise that and I also need to get it into neutral all the numbers...
  3. Tractors
    I need help finding a barring or rotating tool to use on 354 perkins diesels. Looking for the kind that goes through the housing to turn the ring gear. Or do I need to find the one where you take the starter off and mount a plate that pilots the tool to the ring gear. I would a preciate it if I...
  4. Haying
    has anyone had a scale kit on an ac25 accumulator? I was thinking it would be a good idea to have but got quoted 10 grand for one. doesnt seem like it should cost that much since the baler is pre-wired already for it anyways...
1-4 of 4 Results