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new holland

  1. Planting & Tillage
    I have a Pro700 running our Flexicoil 5860 air cart. I had the cart updated to the latest software a couple weeks ago, yesterday I hooked it up and went to start seeding and I can not get the task controller to allow me to resume a task. I have spent hours at this point looking online and...
  2. Planting & Tillage
    We are just testing out our p1060 air cart before we hit the field and the meter rolls are not holding the same speed. We are just in the yard trying it with the buttons under the cart, not moving. They start off fast and then slow down gradually. Brand new battery, Alternator is putting out...
  3. New Holland
    Where can a guy buy new or rebuilt TR 98 gearbox’s these days? Or where can you send one to get rebuilt? thank you
  4. New Holland
    Anyone running a case patriot or new holland sprayer with aim command or intellispray? Im looking at buying a NH unit with this option. We spray a lot of powder fungicide at a high rate (1kg/ac) but also use a high rate of water, 25-30 g/ac. I have been told some people have experienced...