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overhead door
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  1. Diamond Doors
    If you are struggling with your sliding or overhead doors, chances are that your door tracks are misaligned. Many factors can cause a misaligned door track, such as a shifting building or aged tracks, but the results are the same. Your door is stuck. Your equipment is inside the building, and...
  2. Diamond Doors
    It is a common misconception that cables are outdated. As with any product, design varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Diamond Doors has been innovating the bi-fold door design since 1998. Our cable-lift bi-fold doors are safe, reliable, and timeless. Our engineers have designed an...
  3. Diamond Doors
    Bifold door vs overhead door. Whether you are looking to install the door on a new building or retrofit, there are many benefits to upgrading to a bifold door. (Note: We are comparing the Diamond bi-fold door specifically to a standard overhead door.) Benefit #1 Overhead Space A bifold door is...
1-3 of 3 Results