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  1. Headers
    Has anyone ever fixed the hydraulic block that controls the pea auger on these headers. The pea auger stays at one constant speed, the control valve on the block does nothing for it. I’m 99% sure the hydraulic block is my issue but JD wants $1100 for it. Would it be a simple fix to take it...
  2. Planting & Tillage
    I bought some new land over winter. We have always broke up hay land/pasture before seeding a crop into it. I've been reading a lot about seeding directly into sod with no-till and it seems like guys have good luck with it. I never got to spray it out last year because we didn't own it yet. I...
  3. Planting & Tillage
    I bought a 2014 7212 Seedmaster on-board seeder for this season and am having issues with the application rate. After putting the drill in the ground the meter turns about 1/16 of a turn, enough that you can see a few peas come out. It then stops for roughly 4 seconds then cranks the rate up...
1-3 of 3 Results