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  1. Sprayers / Chemicals / Fertilizer
    I think I have a leaking wheel hub seal on my 4430 sprayer. Inside of wheel is coated in what smells like gear oil and planetary is low on oil . So I'm wondering how hard it is to change the seal and if there's any mistakes I can avoid! Thanks.
  2. John Deere
    Was folding up JD 4830 sprayer after a clean out, went to drive away had no steering, went back to try booms had no hydraulic at all, seems to be electrical to me but don't know. I could only find 1 fuse with a hydraulic label, it was fine, oil level is fine. Any tips to diagnose problem. Thanks.
  3. Sprayers / Chemicals / Fertilizer
    I’m looking at possibly buying a 2010 Rogator 894H. 2200 hrs, has the CAT C7 engine. What’s the good, bad and ugly about these machines? I noticed only a couple welded spots on it, looks good otherwise. It’s sitting on leaf springs instead of airbags. How is the C-channel frame for twisting...
  4. Sprayers / Chemicals / Fertilizer
    Hi, our spx 3200 sprayers auto boom straighten doesnt work. ive replaced one sensor, checked the switch by the forward reverse lever.Any help appreciated! Im ready to run all new wiring for it but where can i find such ? The wiring now is all tied into another wiring harness so quite difficult...
  5. Sprayers / Chemicals / Fertilizer
    I'm having trouble with one of my height sensors not working on my Case Ih 4430. It will show a height but it appears to be off and it won't engage. I can get the other side to work and I've concluded it's not the sensor as I've swapped the sensors around and they work on the other side...
  6. New Holland
    Anyone running a case patriot or new holland sprayer with aim command or intellispray? Im looking at buying a NH unit with this option. We spray a lot of powder fungicide at a high rate (1kg/ac) but also use a high rate of water, 25-30 g/ac. I have been told some people have experienced...
  7. Sprayers / Chemicals / Fertilizer
    I’m trading off my case 4420 patriot sprayer for a newer low hour machine. I like my 4420 but have had a few small problems. Nothing major. Just wanting to know if anyone has ran both the case 4430/4440 and the Jd r4045? And what were the pros and cons. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
1-7 of 7 Results