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  1. Tractors
    We have a 2001 Stx440 and all 4 hydraulic remotes have problems with sinking. Replaced a load check valve on one of them and it didn't fix the problem although I can't be sure it didn't help. Has anyone had problems like this?
  2. Tractors
    How well will a Claas axion 950 (400 hp approx) fwa pull a 12 metre (40’) seeder bar and 4500 litre air cart in a heavy black soil, no till scenario without duals? No hills. Planting wheat depth ranges from 20-50mm (0.75’’-2’’) Pulses planting from 20mm-150mm (0.75’’-6’’)
  3. Tractors
    Hi all, new member to site but long time reader and looking forward to the conversations. We currently have the old 8640 in the shop and are trying to figure out why there is coolant pushing out of the overflow line. The tractor is our secondary tractor and has just rolled over 10,000 hours...
  4. Tractors
    We recently bought a Magnum 315, our first purchase into this newer series of tractors for us. We intend to use this tractor with our 1250 corn planter. My concern is that CNH is ok with their hydraulic oil temperature to be held around 220°F!!! Is this not insane? Our local hydraulic shop...
  5. Tractors
    Hi All, Just wondering whether anyone has had experience removing the transmission (IVT) shaft from an 8360RT? Does the tractor need to be split, or is it possible to remove it without doing so? From what I can see, I will have to remove the PTO shaft and perhaps a few hoses. I think the...
  6. John Deere
    Protect your investment with a TractorMat, the first ever easily removable, custom fit floor mat for your combines and other farm equipment. We have laser measured mats for the S600 and S700 combines, and we guarantee a perfect fit for the lifetime of your combine. Give our shop a call today at...
  7. Claas / Lexion
    Protect your investment with a TractorMat, the first ever easily removable, highly durable, custom fit floor mat for combines, tractors and other farm equipment. Our mats are laser measured and we guarentee a perfect fit in your cab. We have mats for the Claas Lexion 700 series. Shoot me a call...
  8. 9rx

    John Deere
    Hi guys, I need to buy the tractor 9rx for seed sowing air drill N540 C. I need to know Fuel consumption per hour at full load. Hydraulic oil consumption Speed per hour how much area it can cover with the N540 C. Consumptions and Maintenance for the N540 C Also, what is the current...
1-8 of 8 Results