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01 2388 yield mapping

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We are currently looking at an 01 2388 with afs. I'm told this is the old mapping system and it may still work depending on your location. My question is; If the this system doesn't work, will our easy guide light bar reciever and becon do the trick and what is involved??
On Another note, is there any specific areas i should look at on the 01 machine? Anything problems related to this year model??
Also it has a hydraulic reverser, whas this factory in 01?
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I would think you could hook your ez guide, I have a 2000 2388 with my ez guide 500 hooked up for yield mapping. You just need the right adapter cable. I believe the hyd. reverse was factory in '01.
Thank you for the reply. I guess the next question is what sofware will i need to work with the maps??
i should also mention my light bar is a easy guide "plus" i believe (small black and white screen)
I'm guessing you have the black box yield monitor. Any of the major precision ag software packages (Farmworks, MapShots, SMS/AFS/PFS, etc.) will work with the YLD files this monitor produces.
The machine has the large touch screen...
what firmware version?

if it's 3.2 or earlier, it still uses the YLD file format. If it's 4.x or later, it uses the CNH Voyager file format. Most of the major software packages also support this format. Just check with the mfr to make sure their software supports the file format your display uses.
Thank you torn for the info, that should help
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