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I'll start with problems I had, then what repairs/ part changes I made. and then changes and improvements it made to the tractor. That way anyone searching with similar problems this post may help. ( this may be long winded, but will be informative, to some having similar issues, and help explain issues I'm still having )
NOTE: Anytime I hooked up new electronic components the batteries were disconnected. before I replaced anything, I checked all the electrical connections on the alternator, ( to make sure they were clean, tight, and good crimp, wire to connector) installed a new serpentine belt (original was going bad)

Over a period of time, I've had an intermittent problem with the tractor starting, because when you turn the key to the "on position" and wait a few seconds, you get the 2 long beeps that let you know that the electronic instrumentation is powering up, then you can proceed to starting it, which it will fire up. It progressively got worse, to the point where you had to cycle the key on and off to finally get it, to go through the "normal" process of 2 long beeps in the on position. Then it would start, if it did not go through the "normal" on process, it seemed that the tractor would just crank and crank and not fire up.
I replaced/installed:Cab power up solenoid kit #87702558, ( It is located behind the operators seat, underneath the rubber/carpet floor mat and removable fuse/relay panel door) .......That seems to have corrected that problem, but did not clear up the next problem, by just installing the solenoid kit.

Last fall/early winter, up until recently, was having a lot issues with "Hydraulics Offline, Shiftier Offline, Trans offline, etc" messages. Last season what we did was cycle key or restart after a bit of warming up to get those messages to stop. ( it was really cold a few mornings here, when trying to get the corn harvest done.) warming it up, helped, then restarting cleared the message(s).
I Replaced: both Passive terminators with the new looped resistor-style terminators #87558214 ( one of them is located: looking at the back of the tractor, remove the panel just below the rear window, between the fenders. Lift up the rubber flap cover where the controllers are located. It is located on the lower left, where the cab folds/bends at a 90 degrees back toward the cab, its mounted on the underside. the other is located: open left side air cleaner door, and hood, looking at the air cleaner it is located to the lower left of it, mounted behind a vertical bracket with two Phillips screw/bolts )

The new terminators seem to have corrected the "offline" issues, but have not seemed to correct the next problem, or I am missing something.

If not using the tractor for a period of time, I always unhooked the batteries. Last fall, the batteries started to go bad, to the point where I had to jump them a few times to get it started. I finally got: The low battery warning, on the lower, (standard type) performance Monitor at the bottom end of the A-post instrumentation console. I replaced the tractor batteries with equivalent rated aftermarket batteries. The warning would still come back after awhile, of resetting it, Then it worked good. during harvest last year, it just stopped displaying the information, there was no contrast, to see the text display. after installing the electrical components this year, still nothing. I removed the console ( 4 screws ) from the A post, and while the tractor "is running" unplugged the electrical connector to it. The "performance monitor offline" is displayed on the upper instrumentation. When I plug it back in, that warning clears itself. I also noticed a sticker on the back of the console that says, or something to the effect of "Whenever an electrical component is replaced, tractor instrumentation must be re-calibrated/ reset"
The performance monitor powers up,(Monitor back lighting works too) "The system" recognizes when it is unplugged electronically.

The questions: What am I missing here?

Is there a programming/re-calibration procedure that I have to perform to get the performance Monitor display the text? what is it?

Is the Monitor bad, and just needs to be replaced?

If bad, what does it cost? (for the Part)

Sorry, I didn't mean to get long winded here, explaining everything just gives maximum info for help, and in turn may help others with similar problems. Did a search on this, and did not find to much out there. I have an operators manual, but have not found anything on Monitor display contrast adjustments yet.
Any help is appreciated.........Gotta love this electronic age!
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