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06 8010 rotor wont stop

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I have an 06 8010 that has a rotor that wont stop turning unless you turn off the engine. I assume its a CVT pressure thing, any one run into this? How do I fix it ?
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I have also had that problem on my 04 8010 and it ended up being the rotor clutch pack.
Does it start turning as soon as you start the engine and before you engage it?
Just like a Case IH, just can not get them to stop!!!!! Had a neighbor who warped his plates, started turning soon as he started the motor and would not stop untill he shut off the motor. Kinda sounds like what you are talking about.
There is a neutral valve that can be adjusted. I cannot think of what the valve is called. It essentially is the same as finding the neutral point of a dcv / hydro. This may need adjusting, but is quite fiddly and in a prick of a spot. Worth asking the question at your dealer or giving a try.
have dealer check control preesure bet ya got warped plates, did you calibrate it, pretty easy to do just go into cal on monitor, gonna take a few minutes, warm machine up good, so hyds are warm, some times might have to do a couple times, when cal is done 40 to 50 rpm will feel it shut down, scott.
You guys are right, it appears to be the clutch pack. Checked the valve and all appears to be in order. Just when you think you have found a great machine this happens. Tearing into it now. Will let you know more surgery is complete.
don't know if ya know, close sieves, couple sheets of plywood, remove cover above sieves, lots easier, its not fun any way, bets the heck trying to haul out the top, scott.
What would be the main cause of the plates getting warped?
teflon orings in there replace them all, this is what normally causes issues, scott.
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