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07 60series cab noise

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Well another rain day here in Vernon. Anyway have you guys running the 07's noticed a lot more hydraulic whining in the cab? It seems like the steering motor resonates the worst. After 10 hours of seat time that noise drives you out of the cab and it does it in all of them! This leads me to think they changed something.

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Chad, I had this problem with a 2005 9760. They had removed the attenuator from the steering system. I complained bitterly until the dealership put it back in. No more noise. Deere did pay for it. I know the attenuator was put back in the 2006, maybe they took it out of the 2007.

How about that, they did take it off again. Going to have to get them to put it back on.
Thanks Jim

Have you tapped your brakes when this whine starts? Our 6410 tractor does this and then when you tap the brakes or hit the hyd lever, the pump kicks out for a while. We were told by the dealer that the pup has a byass valve and thats what makes the whine. Maybe its the same on the combines.
An attenuator is a hydraulic muffler, to put it in simple terms.
I was partially right with regards to the attenuator.

It never was used in the 60 series STS, only in the 50 series.

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