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'08 8010

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We are looking at trading for a 2008 8010. It has around 245 sep hours. What are some things to look for on the combine. Also was 2008 a good year for this combine because we have been told to stay away from anything earlier than a 2006 because the bugs were still being worked out on these machines
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I had an 08, 8010 had around 400 hrs. on it and never turn a bolt.
The 08's are just as bullet proof as the 2388 are. There are still some things to check.

Make sure the Monitor is updated to the latest software.

Have them put new fuel filters on it or have them check the fuel pressure checked after the engine filter (should be 100psi w/new filter if I remember right). Don't want you to start complaining about power right away.

There is a valve block right above the batteries. Check the plugs (1-front, 1-bottom (takes allen wrenches (5/16, 8mm) to make sure that they are tight can blow out o-rings. I dont remember if there were any on the back side that blew out or not.

Check the feeder house chain tensioners; should not be bent bolts or broken springs.

Those are some of the things that I can think of right know. Most did not happen till well after 500 hours. Any questions that you want to know about just ask.
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