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09 8120 air intake update kit

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I am putting on the kit that changes the air intake from the bottom of the cooling box to the top. The kit also came with the kit to change the housing around the rotating screen. It seems to be intended for 2011 8120's and 09-11 9120's. Would my 09 8120 benefit from this kit at all?
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YES - They are a joke without. We are waiting for ours. Dealer cant seem to get one. Id like to know how easy it goes on. I cant make it one day without filter housing completely full. Ours is a 2010 - 8120
We had ours done by dealer, Case is suppose to cover it. Well they did on ours anyway, he said the '10 model was a pain but the '11s weren't to bad to do. They are 8120's, and yes it has to help. I was looking for a hole somewhere they would get so much straw and dirt in rad, and filter. Good luck, S
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