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1083 on a 1460?

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I've been searching for a good 6 row head, but came across a slick 8 row (1083). Will my 1460 handle it? I have 3 feeder house cylinders and 30.5-32 fronts. I'm not worried about capacity, but should I be concerned about the front axles or needing rear weight?

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I would think those concerns are valid but I don't know the answer? Also you may have 3 cylinders but is the hydraulic pump strong enough. May have to replace with one of a 1480 or 1680. I did that on my 1660 and it almost gave mr too much hydraulic capacity. The axles and final drives may be risky, but you'll definately be taking it slow so it may not be too much stress. I would think weight in the rear is a must especially if it's 2wd. Hook the header up to your combine and see how it does before you buy it
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