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1293 snapping stalk roll shafts on the regular

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Last season we had 6 shafts break on our head, (its a 12 row converted to 8 row) its running on a 9660 sts. This season about 5 mins into the start of the season we just had another one let go. Do you think we are running it too hard or is this a known issue?
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They get weak. Also depending on the rolls being used they can pull a lot harder if knife rolls are used. Green stalk causes issues. Gotta remember those parts were made in the days of 130 bu corn know we are trying to do 200plus along with higher hp machines
They are snapping at the pin holes so we have cut the rolls down the sides a little and are torquing the bolts up real tight, (will get grade 10 + bolts) to try and evenly distribute the clamping force accross the whole shaft length.
Not at all, looking at the snapped ones it kinda looks like its just shearing off. I also found that the bolts on the stalk rolls were tight but i could still slide the roll off the shaft. Which is why i am making the cuts in the rolls to allow the bolts to clamp down better.
That sounds like a set of defective rolls.
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