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14 Series Hydrostat Question

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Hey all... 1420 without a mudhog... suddenly this year comes out of the toolshed with lack of ground speed... I usually run between 4 and 4.3 MPH in corn depending on how my rotor sounds like it is handling it... Suddenly without the seperator even engaged and on level ground, I can only get 3.8 MPH out of it in second. Road gear also slow... Reverse a little sluggish, but seems much better than forward gears... fluid levels all good, please tell me hydro is not failing.... even though it is slow, it still pulls the hill coming up onto the road like a champ, maybe a slight loss but not like a hydrostat going out... Can anyone offer any theories or ways to check? We were half an hour away from being ready to go today (would run as fast as we were going to cut beans anyhow), and then we got two inches of rain about 8 hours earlier than forecast.
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Ok, I know this is a dumb question, but is the engine rpms at the proper speed? Does the engine slow down when you push the stick forward? Otherwise is the stick travel the same as last year? Rodents and stuff can build pretty solid nexts that can limit control travel is why I ask.
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