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We are a custom harvesting company in Austria, Europe, and handling with very steep hills in the Alps. Since we had a 2388 with a MudHog rear axle system we were able to climb the steepest slopes without any problems. Two years ago we decided to trade for an 7140 with 2 speed RWA, which is not performing well at all. It is more a self propelled rear axle than a PGA. Asking the local CaseIH representative we found out that this system isn't the same than on the 230 and 240 series system and even not compareable to the old 23/2588 series. Main reason is that the hydrostatic motor of the front axle swallowes so much oil due to the new 2 speed gearbox when weels start spinning, and then there is no oil left for the rear axle system.
Has anybody here in this forum any experiences like we have, and is anyone here that has a solution to this problem??

Any help is highly appreciated!

Thank you

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