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1440 a/c problem

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i have a 1983 1440 with some a/c problems i got 12v coming out of the thermostat and 12v on the low pressure switch but only getting 4v on both sides of the high pressure switch and the clutch wire im thinking it could be a wire somewere but not sure wondering if anybody has had this promblem and how to fix it thanks
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check wires under cab, pull left and ride side covers, also remove both inside vertical covers in cab and check wires, i would bet mice have been busy, under cab as been a issue many times, when you git covers off both sides, blow all the sh't out, good luck, got any questions ask away, scott.
i think my a/c relay is bad i can here it click in but the clutch wire does not have curant but the two wires that come out and go to the pressure switches have curant does this sound like the relay is bad to you
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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