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1460-1020 header, hyd. wont match up!!!????

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Ok i recently bought a 1460 combine...i went and bought a 1020 flex header that i thought would be a nice addition

The combine has a flow and return reel speed line, and a line for the up and down of the reel, so three connectors in all....BUT

The 1020 has 5!!! connectors, i cant figure out what goes with what!!!

The 1020 has the hydralic reel up and down and the hydralic for the reel to move forwards and backwords

So what am i missing?? Why is there 5 hydralic lines and hookups on the header and only 3 on my 1460, i know the 1460 wasent made with the reel forward and backward, but that should only be one hose right? IDK im lost on this one.

More info.....The header has a hook-in for the forwards and backwards which is labeled, and its for a bigger hose.....its got another hook in that is labeled reel speed, also a big hose....Then its got 2 small hoses which arent labed...what are these hoses for?? Then its got 1 big hose, which isnt labeled, i imagine its for the return line for the reel??

the 1460 has one big hose for reel speed?? One big connector....Reel speed??? and one little hook in???
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The two larger hoses/connections are for the reel motor(speed) and the small hose/connector is for reel lift which is a single acting circuit. The same goes for the 1020 also, the extra two hoses/connections on the 1020 are for the reel fore and aft. You can either add a valve to the combine to get fore and aft or position the reel manually and lock it place by bolting or find a set of hand cranks for the reel fore and aft for a 1020 head.
To connect the 1020 to the 1460 you will have to change a coupler and lengthen the hoses. If your combine has electric header height make sure you have the correct sensor and connection on the head as well. If the combine is mechanical header height you can get the cable and brackets to connect the two through parts from a dealer.
You might have to grind a couple of grooves in the feeder lower jackshaft as well to connect the 1020 with the stock shafts.
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springbrook, where are you located? I think I have the cable and brackets that redhat mentioned if you need them. I live in Ontario and will be going to Michigan in a couople weeks.
Im located is kansas, but i dont need the cable and brakets anyhow
Need help my 1020 header is newer than my 1460 but it's elec/hyd. Header has 5 connection combine has three. I don't need fore and aft, which shows only one hose on header but there are two hoses for the up and down on the right cyclinder?? Help please. I know I have to change potentiometer for auto header height to work. Just need help with the hoses.
My reel lift cylinder definitely has two hoses on the right cylinder small hoses. The left cylinder only has one on the bottom
Welcome to the forum!

There is only one hose to lift the reel. What you see is the reel lift cylinders are hooked in series so the oil from the combine goes to the cylinder on the right, in turn the oil comes out of the other side of the piston and goes to the other side of the header.

There will be two small hoses on the header and one large one. The large one and the coupler beside it drive the reel. One of the small ones will lift the reel, without standing by a header it's the one one your right looking at it.

The other small hose and coupler to your left is the fore/aft. You can install a splitter valve to your unloading auger to make that part function

If you have any trouble let me know and I'll try to get ya a pic
Thank you Sir I never thought about them being hooked in series.. I really appreciate your help!!
My father just recently purchased a 1020 header and has a 1480 combine. He is having an extremely hard time figuring out the hydraulic hook up. I have went to the dealership to get a print out of the hydraulics and where they oil up to the combine, however they are so dark you cannot see where they actually go. I tried to read the instructions, but it did not actually go into any details of the location of where on the combine it is actually supposed to go!
When he first hooked them up, the reel was spinning so slow you could stop it with your hand. Now he has it hooked up to the original port he had hooked to the spreader wheels. This caused a major problem and backed the system up drastically but the reel was spinning faster! He is already talking about having someone else cut his beans and that would be just taking another cut into his profits, which I truly feel he cannot afford to have.
Please help! Any diagrams or pictures of where they are supposed to go would be great help! Thanks!
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If you had the reel spinning fast you had it, if you had an 800 series prior it takes a lot less flow to operate the reel.
I'm not really sure what you mean when you are talking about when you say he backed up the hydraulic system.
Assuming you have a chaff spreader?
Sorry, the waste became backed up severely in the back end of the combine. We had to dig it out. My father said he didn't know if it was clogged prior to him cutting. So, does he just not hook up the spreader wheel or does he have something else hooked wrong?
The spreader wheel is hydraulically controlled. I believe he had two hoses running to it. Most of the time he harvests by himself, which concerns me with it backing up and possibly catching fire.
Sorry, the waste became backed up severely in the back end of the combine. We had to dig it out. My father said he didn't know if it was clogged prior to him cutting. So, does he just not hook up the spreader wheel or does he have something else hooked wrong?
Oh, ok, I got ya, the spreader isn't spinning fast enough with the smaller reel drive motor because they are hooked in series.
What you will end up doing is having to pull hydraulic oil off of the pump return rather then the reel return.

Do you know if you have a Ross pump?
I'm not sure. I would have to check, this afternoon when we go out there to help. I appreciate your responses, it seems he has not been able to find anyone to help him out on this and talking to someone who is knowledgeable about this gives me more confidence that he will be able to get it going!
Not to so ignorant but how do you identify what kind of pump it is?
Not to so ignorant but how do you identify what kind of pump it is?
Oh, that's fine, Ross has big lettering on the one side so I will get some pics to explain how to re route the hoses to speed up the spreader.

There is a little motor that controls reel speed, is it mounted directly on the pump or a few inches above it?
It also has 24505 ran 198381c92 9 c 05 rc imprinted on it
Would Cessna be a name of one
Yes, I will be with my combine that has one tommarow so I'll get you a pic showing how the lines will need to be hooked up

I have Case 1460 and I need operator's manual as PDF. Anyone has it? I would be very grateful.

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