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1480 fuel consumption

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A Friend of mine is doing a survey on fuel consumption and capacity's. What does a 1480 typically burn per hour in hard red spring wheat? Does anyone know the fuel capacity? Thanks in advance for the strange questions.
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Depending on load bout 7-8 gal/hr from my experience. Those 436/466 IH engines are easy on fuel. The tank i believe is 120 gallons but you could confirm that on toy tractor show or hoobers.
I checked my owner's manual - it says the 1480 holds 125 U.S. gallons or 473 litres which works out to 104 Imperial gallons. Not sure about consumption with a 1480 but my 1460 with the 436 engine (cap'y is 92.5 U.S. gal/350 litres/77Imp. gal.) is very cheap to run. I usually run about 12 or 14 hours days on swathed spring wheat (25 or 30 ft. swaths) and can't remember having to add fuel during the day if I started out with a full tank. Never lacked power either.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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