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1480 in corn

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Hey! a buddy of mine is looking for a second combine in corn. We found a early 1480 with spec. rotor for cheap. Looks to be in pretty good shape, but we haven't went to look at it yet. Will the 190hp handle wet 200 bpa corn (6 rows) and unload-on-the-go? I think it will but I was told it will run out of power. What do you guys think?
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what year is it? I think in 81 they switched to electric over hydraulic, alot easier to run. Also some where in there they went to the 466 from the 436, which feels like alot more then the 20 horsepower they claim it added. Maybe the 466 just has more torque. We don't notice much power drop from the unloader on ours...they don't unload near as fast as the newer ones so you're not using as much hp.
A few years ago I used our 1480 to cut corn when the 1680 was broke down and was pleasantly surprised by it. If I remember right I was running about 3.5mph in 200 bushel corn with a 1063. My biggest complaint was the noisy cab.

I believe '82 was the year they switched to electro-hydraulic controls, and by then they all would have had the DT466. I would stay away from a 1480 without those two things, but that's just me.
81 is when they swithced. I had both 80 and 81. The 81 had the 466 engine and the electirc over hydrulic controls. I wouldn't be afraid of a 80 1480 however. Mine came from the Texas where it cut irrigated corn with a 883 corn head. They ran it for several years that way and got along fine with it so it should handle a 6 row head with out a lot of problems. In my opion the 80 was alot better than the 78 and 79 models were.

1980 Keystock grates introduced
Electric fan speed adjustment
27/28 gears now used on 1440 grain & corn combines
Oscillating guide axle shield standard on rice & corn machines
Friction disc slip clutch replaces ratchet clutch
New rotor with new cone rear bulkhead

1981 Introduction of 1420 Axial-Flow Combine
1420 112 H.P. 358 Cu.In. 125 Bu. Grain Tank
Introduction of Electro-hydraulics
1480 engine and H.P. change
1480 210 H.P. 466 Cu.In. 208 Bu. Grain Tank
PTO clutch changed from 7 plates to 9 plates (1480)
Straw chopper both factory and field codes (April 1981)
Two Speed Hydrostatic Drive Motor 1480
Power guide wheel drives for all models as factory installed option (January 1981)
Grain Loss Monitor as field attachment only
Introduction of 900 Series Corn Heads
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We have 2 with the 466 and 2 with the 436 and there is a big difference in power, the 466 just luggs alot better. Also the 2 stickers take a little more coordination to operate...kinda like walking and chewing gum which i also cant do....J/K.
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