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1482 & 1682 pull combine anyone ever use one?

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I was searching Tractorhouse and came across several pull rotor combines for sale in Canada. These machines have never been used here in Illinois (to my knowledge).

What I would like to know is things like:
How much horse power do they require?
what was their primary use (wheat I suppose)?
Did anyone use them for anything else (corn, soybeans?).
Do they require more up-keep then a self-propelled unit?

If anyone that used one has some time and is willing to share some stories about them. I'm willing to listen.
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30 years ago I would bet 50% of us had PT combines. The late model CIH, MF and JD ones I believe were just like SP combines without all the hardware to make it an SP (engine, electrical, driveline, rear axle, etc.) Same combines underneath all the sheet metal.

Some are still used today, not as many though. You could thrash everything we could grow as long as you could swath it.
Still have 3 1682's that we ran from 92-02, Picked up a couple 1480's in 01 for straight cutting (short 3-6" tall drought) wheat/barley. Bought 3 1482's over those years just to pirate parts off (still head out and get stuff for our 2388's) .
We ran them with 4490-4690's and a 2590, Used our 2390 a few times but a bit short on power, 180-220 HP was ideal. More would cause drive-line trouble on heavy years.
A 17.5' 810 straight head was available for 1482's and 19.5 1010 for 1682's but we never had one. Swathed 25-30' Canola (10-35BPA) 30-60'wheat and Barley (10-60 BPA) 25-30' flax/Canary Seed (5-30 BPA), 25-30' peas (20-60 BPA).
Dad had one out last year on Durum and this year on some 35-50+ Canola running with the 3 2388's. Plugged a few times and had to ride the clutch LOTS in the 2590 as low is 1.9 MPH.
Cheap to buy and cheaper to run over the years we used them.
Have a pic of them all lined up with our 23's and remaining 1480.

Except for resizing i got the picture thing figured! Thanks OKPANHANDLE !!!

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You can get them cheap, they are a pretty simple machine. We ran ours with a 7140 magnum and it did a good job. A couple of guys around hear have them parked and in a tough year will pull them out, or have them ready to go if they break down their main machine. I guess if you can do 8-10 ac an hour with your PT while your SP is broke down thats better than 0 ac per hour.

I do think Honey bee made a draper header for them, but i have never seen one. I think that they were primarily a swath picking up unit.
My neighbor ran a 1482 pulled by a 1486 for many years, it seemed to do a good job. He had a 17ft straight head and used it for soybeans as well as wheat. My dad says some farmers in the area modified 20ft flex heads to fit the 1482, but i've never seen one. They are about as simple of a combine as you can get.
Thanks guys for replying to my post.
Everyone is right tractorhouse as a couple for sale. The 1482 are less then $3000.00 U.S. and the 182 are listed about $10,000.00 U.S. Because the 1482's are so cheap I've been playing with the idea of bringing one down here. The PT combines were pretty much gone from this part of Illinois by the late '60's, and I doubt most here under 40 can remember using PT/tractor mounted corn pickers.

Just out of curiosity, what do you mean by a tough year in Canada?
I am only 24 I remeber using a PT corn picker back in the early 90's maybe 94 at the latest. Probably would still use it but we dont have cattle anymore. Our nieghbor still uses his.
Hey ry0972 I would have driven past you guys working next to the highway last fall. I wanted to take some pictures but it was just getting to dark and when I came back the next day you were all gone.

You would probably know who this setup belongs to then?
It was only a couple miles up the road from where you were working.

The 1482 was rated for tractors between 130hp and 200 but you can put anything larger on it if you wish, you would just have to be careful not to blow any drive lines apart.

Since they were a SP combine without the cab and drive train they would do any crops any other combine would do as long as you could get them into the machine. The 1482 had an optional 17.5' straight cut header along with the 12.5' pickup, modified row crop header and in theory you could do corn.
Deere has a 4 row corn header that fits on their 7721 apparently although I have never seen a picture of this setup. There are pictures floating around the net somewhere of a 7721 with a straight cut doing beans.

Grandpa had a 1482 until he retired in the early 90's and loved it, he swathed everything anyway and having one less drive train to buy and maintain was the best thing in the world in his mind.

I have also built one in 1/64 scale complete with both headers.

I scanned in my brochure for a 1482 last night for your enjoyment.

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Make sure you check the gearbox on the 1482 as it is a weakpoint and no parts are available(new anyway). I know a few people that had bought a whole other machine for just that gearbox.

They used to tear them down yearly and rebuild if needed to avoid failure.

Other than that good machines.
Those outfits look like they are a guy about 3 miles north of Hawarden, SK. Yes you might have seen us immediately south of Hawarden on both east/west sides of the highway. Durum last year, Canola and Canary this year.
We have only had two gearbox failures , One a bearing went the other we busted the housing unplugging the rotor (without clearing enough out of the machine and backing it up ). Made one good one out of the two. We check the oil level before each season and added Power-up when we got them.
I hope to put together a display in a couple years when i have room.
I have lots of 1/64th equipment packed away.
Trying to do the picture thing again, will see how it goes.
Sounds about right, I had just got up to cruising speed after turning south before grabbing the binders to take the picture. Might have to take that way to Swift from time to time more often now, terrible highway but nicer scenery.
my family ran a 1482 for 10 years and a 1682 for 16 years. Pulled them both with a 4890, but in a bad year we would use the 4490 which was nice due to the shorter turning. one problem we had with the 1482 was left hand tire fell off with a full load what a mess!!!! bad wheel bearing!!!. The 1682 was a monster behind the 4890, but it was hard on the main gear box, never had it blow up, but every year we took it off and had it check out. I grew up around these combines and after dad passed i used the 1682 for two years until one night the rotor drive started on fire and we lost her.
now i run a 2188. IMO the 1682 is great old girl that will impress
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I think this is great. I love these pictures, and information. The 1/64ths are great. I think Illinois missed out on something here.
I am only 24 I remeber using a PT corn picker back in the early 90's maybe 94 at the latest. Probably would still use it but we dont have cattle anymore. Our nieghbor still uses his.

What can I say. There is an exception to everything. Did you crib the corn and then shell it out of the crib come spring? Hardest day I had hauling-in was hauling in while a New Idea 4 row 30 unit picked corn.
Hey guys,
Do any of you guys have any other pictures of the controls for it? Looks interesting and i want to see more of it.
This is all great information. especially all the different tractors that have been used to pull these machines. If what I've read is right the 1482's have had gearbox problems, but the 1682 hasn't have as much? Did Case-IH change the gear box? One question I hope I can get some feedback on is. Because I'm in corn/soybean country. What is everyone's view if someone were to use these SP with a 4 four head to do corn? Do you think it would strip the gearbox?

As low as the price point is I could buy one just to have one, but I would like to use it (some).
The gearboxes are the same. Actually except for the larger concaves, perforated cage w/more vanes, feeder reverser, modernized control box and grain loss monitor, the 1482 and 1682 are the same machine. The 1985 1482's even had the Case IH decals and paint.
1682's had optional internal chopper. The differences mirrored updates that occurred in the 1480/1680's. I think the last 1682's were built in 1989/1990 but some were stamped as new as 1992 (all were still short shoe/sieve machines).
The 1682's were much nicer to run with the hyd pickup drive and 1015 series header, feeder reverser, heavier three paddle rocktrap beater. An optional on-board hyd system to run pickup and after-market straw/chaff spreaders was available .
One of ours has a longer unload auger(great if you leave duals on tractor) w/triple drive belt/pulley system and an Urvold self contained hyd straw/chaff spreader (excellent unit !!!).
JD made a 9501 PT combine in 1989-92
. Have only seen a few and they brought good money even though they were suposed to have a few problems.
Lots of diehard JD guys up here ran a 14/1682 as main combine or kept one for second/spare/backup machine for/to their 7720-9600's.

With modern 200 HP full powershift tractor (creeper gear if possible) CIH would still be selling lots of these new today!!!!!

Even with the 3 2388's we run (and a 1480 as backup) We still think of buying a couple CIH 7240-7250 MFWD's (w/creeper) to have for running 1682's even though other than pulling a Flexi-coil S65 120' sprayer or buying a big snowblower we don't have much use for one.

If CIH announced they were bringing back all the equipment they produced in the 1989-1995 era (and the 98-03 88XX series swathers w/a HB or Agco 5200 header!!!) at reasonable prices; i think they would see a HUGE sales increase!!!!
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Here is a quick video I took of my 1482 taking off it's last field of wheat in 2004. I switched to a self propelled unit the year after. I ran the 1482 behind a Versatile with a manual shift trans. for a couple of years (PITA) and then switched to a Magnum with the powershift in it's final years. That change made it a whole different machine. Being able to keep the combine fully loaded with the powershift sure helped capacity, sample cleanliness and kept a lot of grain from going out the back.
i love pull type combines just the looks

1682 and 1482 are still in the feilds around my area
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