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1620 combine with a 1020 head compatibility

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I have a 1620 combine with a nice 1020 head. I like the head and like the fact that the head has the fore and aft cylinder on it but my 1620 machine has no hydo outlet for this option, Is there a kit I can add to accommodate
this head option and if so where do I get it? thanks for any info.
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I have a 1620 with a 1020. to me fore/aft is not used much. I keep the reel all the way back 100% of the time. I would just pin it all the way back and leave it there. I think it would be more hassle than its worth to try and add that feature when it is rarely used.


well that is what I have done so far but I still would like to know if a valve is made that I can add to my machine even if it has to have a lever out side to operate it.
Should be able to add something like that, asked about doing it on a 1460 and was told it can be done, but don't know the details. The valve and lines that would be added would be the same as the ones to operate hydraulic deck plates on a corn head but don't have a head with those. Might be a few years before I try doing that.

I don't know if it would be another valve added on to the stack but should be able to add in wires and a switch in the cab to run it.
I believe you just add another valve like is used to swing the unloading auger in and out to the top of the stack. Then run the wiring.
Another option which I have done to my 2166 is use the reel rotation drive hydraulic line (which I think is the same as on 16xx) to move the for aft. Just need to mount a couple of hydraulic fittings near the others on the feeder house. When i want to move the reel in or out, I just reconnect the hydraulics in a way that moves the for aft cylinders in the direction I want, then engage the feeder, then slowly turn the reel speed knob until the reel moves to where I want it. Then switch the hydraulics back and off I go. Can be done in the field without tools in about 3 minutes.

Cost was about $100 or so for the fittings and a 3' length of hyd hose that I keep in the cab.

I can take some pics if interested.
I would love for you do take some pics, that sounds like an idea that could work great. thanks
On my 1480's I got Fasse valve multipliers from shoup parts and tied it in with the reel, I tried adding a valve to the stack once, it becomes an electrical night mare and when you find new bolts long enough for the extra valve you don't seem to get the clamping force and just end up with a ton of new leaks. The Fasse works well with no headaches, just get a push button for it and put it close to your unloading auger swing switch rather than that toggle switch they send with it
I will snap a pic of it tomorrow when I'm warming up the combin
I got pic for ya but I can't seem to get it on here, it's coming
ok that will be great cant wait to see it
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