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1640 bunching up in feeder house

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i just overhauled my 1640 feeder house and have tried harvesting barley. it seems to maybe bunch up around the rock trap. i was wondering what type of settings the beater blades should be set at, also what type of blades. the owners manual mentions some type of fingers. are these important?. does the hight of the chain drum in front matter much? and also what type of tolerances do i want on the head between the auger and the head (floor?)
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Front drum needs to down all the way and allowed to float with the rocktrap. Make sure you have the slower speed sprocket on the rocktrap drive (30 tooth) (20 tooth is high speed). Rock trap blades fully retracted for grains or even removed completely works better yet. Don't forget to re-install them before beans though. Forget the finger grate for the rocktrap sump doesn't help much.
Make sure your bottom auger stops are clean on the LH and RH side of the head before you make any adjustments to the auger height. They fill up with foreign material and will prevent the auger from lowering all the way on the stops. Raise the reel all the way and see if your auger raises up or not then check both sides with the auger raised all the way and clean them out. (1020/1010 header)
Higher the auger is away from the head floor the poorer the performance of the header. Adjust as close to the floor without auger hitting the floor.
Check the back stripper on the head, make sure it is adjusted for your feeder opening and not for an 80/88 series feeder opening.
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We had problems in wheat with our 1666 rotor slugging and the feeder house bunching up. We ended up switching out the old rock beater and putting in an aftermarket beater, Absolutey love it. We also removed the impellers or elephant ears what ever you want to call them. and we put in an accellar kit from stewart steel. Loved this as well. No more bunching no more slugging in good conditions. even in poor conditions it is amazing what we can put through it.
If you think that it is the rock trap holding you back, you could try putting serrated blades on the rock trap beater, they will feed better. You can get them from you're dealer. The finger assembly bolts over the opening of the rock trap to help in feeding also, but you would then remove it for beans.
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