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1644 header lift problems

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Could use some mechanical help. Bought an old 1644 combine and it worked great but suddenly the header decided it wants to lunge upward more than this old cowboy wants it too. Is it electrical or a hydraulic problem. Also the header settles while going in the field and it has to be occasionally lifted. At that point it lunges above the desired cutting height. The local C-IH shops don"t have much time to talk to you unless your machine is only a few years old.
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dakotacowboy, when the head comes up what header is on the combine, beanhead or cornhead?? Does the head settle when the engine is not running?? If it settles with the engine off and no external leaks, probably in the header valve, if raising occurs with bean head have to make sure sensors and linkage on head are free to move, is the newer mechanical linkage installed on the beanhead?
Redfan55, Thanks for your response. The header settles when not running with all heads. There are no external leaks. The header lunges upward most noticably with a six row narrow corn head. It isn't quite as bad with a straight or flex head. The last time the machine was in the shop they put a seal kit in. It probably was in the header valve but don't know for certain. They said it was the cheap fix if it worked. It didn't work . The lunging effect didn't start till two years later. It must need a new header valve. Sure appreciate your ideas on what the problem could be .
I had a similar problem on a 1660, I took the solinoid valve apart and streched the spring and it quit going up on its own. probably should get a new spring.
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