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1660 rotor hub

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Yesterday I was cutting beans. Combine wasn't loaded down very much and the rotor belt broke immediately followed by the separator belt. I was expecting the separator belt to go, but I thought the rotor belt was in good shape. The main problem was that the rotor hub got pushed all the way to the left in the adjustment slots. The 2 bolts holding it in place were still tight and I can't even break one of them loose. It also bent the draw bolt that moves the rotor hub into a u and bent the angle iron that the draw bolt goes through out. What could have pushed the driven pulleys away from the drive pulleys. If anything I would have expected it to pull the rotor hub toward the drive pulleys. Rotor hub spins freely when in neutral. Can't spin it by hand in gear as there is still material tn the rotor cage. Haven't tried it with the rotor wrench yet. I didn't pull in a slug so it shouldn't be choked up. It looks like that you have to take the rotor hub off to be able to get the draw bolt and angle iron piece off. How do you take the spring tension hub apart?
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Pulley comes off in one lump when the big nut in the middle is opened.Tension on spring held with circlip. Wonder if one of the gears in the gearbox is chipped and locked up suddenly causing the box to twist to the left.
I was afraid there might be a problem in the gearbox. Mechanic is supposed to be out in the morning and I guess I'll find out then. Doubt it will be a cheap fix. Maybe it's time to buy my neighbors 2388
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