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1660 vs 2366

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Looking to upgrade from a 1989 1660 with international engine to a 1998 2366. How much more hp does the 2366 have and how much more capacity can I expect. 20 ft flex head and either 4 or 6 row corn head. Farm soybeans ( 50+ bu some green stem), corn 150-200 bu, wheat 70-80 bu, and occasionly milo (100 bu)
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I believe 2366's are around 240hp, but someone else who knows better can let you know for sure. In 50+ bu irrigated soybeans we were going 3.5-4mph with a 25ft flex head w/ air reel. In 200bu corn with 6 row head about 4-4.5mph. Never have harvested wheat with it though, so i can't comment on that.
We had a 1660 i wasnt around at the time but from what dad has told me the 2366 that we have now will eat a lot more corn, we run a 8 row on our 2366 in 200+ corn it is no problem you just drive slow! The main problem is cleaning capacity. We run a 20 flex head on it you can run about 3.5 in green stem beans they are pretty good combines!

The 2366 was rated at 240 hp, alot for the size of the machine. They work very well with 25 ft platforms, but like the other comment, they lack capacity in high yielding corn if you drive fast.
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