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1680 field tracker problems

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The field tracker in my '90 1680 is acting like it is not getting power. I redid the ground, and attached the power directly to the switched panel. I have 12 volts at the header hight switch where I wired the two connections together to bypass the switch. I pulled two relays and put in two new one's to start with. The circit breaker is not triped, and yes I have the switch on.

That is all the farther I have gotten, any other ideas. The red indicator light will not come on and the controls do nothing. Is there a fuze somewhere beside the 5 amp circit breaker?
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When you say "yes I have the switch on" do you mean the little box switch? Because I only have 1 year of experience with FT and my 1660 requires to have the "Feeder switch " on to give the FT the power to operate. Hope this helps......H.
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