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1680 header size

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Recently upgraded 1480 to a 1680 with alot of 88 updates. Now I have two 1010 25 foot heads and was thinking of selling both and upgrading to 36 ft Mac Don Draper. I know of two guy's in my area running same set up. Will the 1680 support the weight? Our ground is so flat, if you're dog runs away you can see him leaving for three days!
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HaHa it's the same here where we are to.
I'm not sure some of the older machines didn't have to heavy lift cylinders. We had a 36' honeybee on a 2388 and it was alright, but it had three lifts. I don't know what your machine has, also watch for the weight of the bigger header you get. We had problems with the rear end wanting to come off the ground.
I think as long as your feederhouse will lift it on flat ground you probably won't have a problem with keeping the rear tires on the down. It sure is nice to have a big header when you have 600 or 800 acre fields in dryland wheat.
if you put a 36 Mac don you will need the 3rd ram underneith

my neibour runs a 30 1010 caseih on a 1480 with a 3rd ram and has no problems
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