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1680 in corn

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First, make sure your elevator chains are good and tight. It's probably time to replace them, though. After a while they stretch enough that they're hard to tighten properly. While you're at it, inspect the sprockets for excessive wear. It's a bit cumbersome replacing the chains, but it's not too hard of a job. I don't know about metal or poly paddles; we've always had rubber.

You should check your incline auger, as well. If it's worn out it can't move grain fast enough and plugs the clean grain elevator.
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which elevator clean grain or return or both?
while your at it check out the slipclutch for the elevator mine split the inside hub and was causing some trouble ive changed all chains and augers moving grain in 07 at 2700 hrs, Grant it i only have a six row elevators can handle any speed in 180 bus corn. I prefer the rubber paddles. if your running an 8 row they need to be in tip top shape
The slip clutches are worn out, never grease them. Chains are probably worn out too, but when the clean grain elevators plug it is almost always the clutches. When you take them off they will look fine but replace them anyway, and all you need are the two clutches not the spacers, their holes will be wallowed out, just get new bolts.
Hey I'm new to this forum, so any help would be appreciated! Got a 1680 - cummins - speciatly rotor, ran great with an 8 row for many years up until now I can't go over half a mile an hour in corn or it plugs the elevators. Was thinkin maybe chain paddles? Whats better, metal or poly or rubber? And how many do you have to put on? Also, Im sure there are more causes of this happening, although I'm not sure what. Any ideas?
You may want to check your bottom sieve. If the adjusting bracket under it is broken then it will be closed down and all of the corn is going thru the return elevator.
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