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Hi. My combines broken and the parts availability sucks, so I figure I'll catch up with some stuff here while I wait. In another thread a bit ago, some discussion was made about the 1600 and up series combines with the cooling air intake in the rear of the machine. Just for fun, this year I took some pics of the problem that occurs here in various grass seeds harvest.

This is a typical amount of build up from one day running. No big deal, just blow it out and ready to go.

A plan was changed without my knowledge at the last minute, so I could not get to the compressor as planned and had to run a second day without radiator service. This does not happen vary often, but when it does, its a bear to catch up with the cleaning.

First I try to blow as much backwards through from the fan side as I can get to.

This is the cotton looking crap that makes its way through the screen and gets caught in the fins. Its allmost like a canada thistle seed, but with less structure so it can malform and come through the screen holes.

Then fire up the engine and run it above half throttle and blow the rest inwards and through the radiator. Cleans up fine. Ready to go again.

Thanks for looking.
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