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1680 Rotor check

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That would be me on the window deal, and a few have posted cone replacements including 98j. I have to get to the forklift for a couple hours, but will find the pics and link to them later today.
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Link to windows. =1#M140578

I dont know if this will be what you are looking for with the cone and cage, but there is a link to a worn out cage in the thread so.......

Let me know if these are what you were looking for, if not, Imaybe i can help find the ones you need.
What's the best way to check a rotor and surronding area for wear? How do I measure?

There was a posting last year w/ pictures of someone removing the rotor and installing a new cone, couldn't find the post.

Also someone replacing the grain tank mesh w/ a window to see from the cab.

Here is one area to check. If you remove the rotor look at the cone.
If your cone is a "seamed" cone, just above the seam there will show
some wear or pitting happening. At this time you would want to weld
across this seam to fill this wear gap. I have done it with a wire feed welder.
best to take out the cone vanes, weld and replace with new vanes.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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