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1680 straw spreading

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on my 1680 i am very happy with the way the straw is chopped up but not happy with the narrow spreading. I have ran 2388"s and was very impressed with its spreading ablilities. what is the diffrence between the 2 other than the paddles on the spreader disks, would changing the rubber paddles on the 1680 to the paddle type on the 2388 help? Or what has anyone else done to improve the spreading ability?
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The curved bats will for sure help, I fought with the same thing for years and last fall (after we were done) I decided I was gonna do something about it.

Had CIH mechanic come out and look over my machine (1680) and he said the main problem is the flat spinners (the part that the bats bolt too) are not wide enough, the material doesn't stay on the spinner long enough to get thrown are enough. So I bit the bullter and ordered the updated spreader kit, it came with wider spinners, curved bats, updated curtain (which I had to modify to fit) longer shafts, and quick couplers. I"ll know here in a few months if it works but for the cost of it it sure better work. lol

good luck

If I could figure out the picture posting I"d upload some for ya.
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What size pulley do you have on the spreader shaft? There is a two speed pulley kit available now which helps part number B96182 in the 2008 product support kit book. I went the cheep route and used a weld a pulley kit. Think went from 10 inch to 7 inch pulley. Helped quite a bit.
we had a hyd. chaff spreader on our 1660 and that helped a lot.
C & D enterprises makes ab inexpensive spreader kit with curved batts that will spread up to 36 ft
Couldn't be happier that someone has asked this same question. Have an opportunity to do some farming. The farmer I'm taking over for has a 91 1680 and I'm planning on buying most of the equipment. While discing down wheat stubble noticed the combine left a terrible windrow of stubble. Thought to myself this can't be right and one of the first things I'll be doing is getting that combine to spread better.


Is C&D Enterprises in Haven, KS? Looks to be a Haven phone number. That's a pretty simple drive for me to go check that kit out. Is everything else stock on your machine with the spreader besides this kit or have you sped up your spreader speed also? Thanks.
I bought the kit from c&d and used it in wheat. It's a very good looking kit. It will spread farther than stock and catches a lot more material off of the separator because the spinners are dropped down some. It didn't spread the straw as well as I wanted though probably because I don't have a chopper and the long straw pieces were getting caught on the bats and hanging. But it easily spread 20 ft and spread the chaff extremely well. I think it will work really well in soybeans where I need the chaff spread so I can no till wheat
We added the kit from CNH with all the curtains and pan to direct the chaff to the spinners like the 2100 and 2300 series have. It was worth the money. We like that is spreads the pods and chaff with the straw. Just using the stock pulley spreads wheat straw about 25 ft. We got cheap and did not buy the double pulley, but instead bought the smaller one and have to change the pulley when changing crops. We have no soys, but it will spread drybean straw about 32 ft. with the small pulley. I think I found that pulley in the product support book.
I had dropped the spreaders on our 1680's to the axle level with some hex shafting and hex couplers , this way i could spread the chaff as well i just had to lift the tin shield up with a couple of 2X6'es between the rubber that sits on the axle . then i made a spacer bar that went between the longer spinner shafts under the spinners with bearings on then braced this to the non pivoting frame where the rear axle is for stability . out back in the center i made a diverter that directs the straw out 90deg to the side . I also put a tin extension down 16" from where the straw normally comes out to direct it to the spinners . because they are lowered the straw would shoot too far behind the spinners , i also made a small vee that would divide the straw stream to the center of each spinner . this setup was easily removeable and really improved spread as well as decreased the amount of dust around the rear of the combine . Sorry but no pic's as we have 2388's now and as far as i'm concerned they don't spread quite as well but not making another set .
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