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1680 value's

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What are the 1680's worth years 90-91? 2600 hrs specialty rotor, rock trap, chopper?
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Anyhere from $25-34,000 is what I've been seeing them listed for, depending on where it is and what condition the machine's parts are in.
In our area (NW OK) the machine would bring around 32,500 if it is in good condition with a header. Like harvester88 said it all depends on the condition.
Most in my area (west TN) go for $25-35,000 with head depending on hrs and condition. That year model and lower hrs would probably be worth over $30,000
The reason i ask is that I have come across a 1990 1680 asking price of $25,000 I was thinking of buying doin a few updates and slaping a $40,000 on it. Have'nt seen it other than in pictures, looks like a straight machine.
I think you'll have a hard time selling it for that price. With the price you'll be able to get after modifications, you'll probably break even at best. On older machines like that you'll rarely get your money back on improvements
Don't know if you are talking about my 1680 i have for-sale on Sioux City craigslist (located in Omaha NE) , but i have 3600hrs, chopper, field tracker, long cleaning system, long auger, crossflow fax, but no rock trap for $25,000 (obo). I would not put $40,000 into it - you might as well get a 2388 for that price.

I have close to that in my other '90 1680 set up the same way just with a new motor, new rotor, and all the other work i have done to it (3200hr). I would be lucky to get $35 out of it.

If you have that kind of money sitting around i would be thinking of a newer machine.
Jtfarms, no it was not your machine, Found in michigan about two hours from here. I was just tossing the idea around trying to make a quick buck. I dont think that i will be buying anything for a while as I am trying to buy some land for myself. I currently help my dad farm and do custom work.

Thanks for the info guys
Bret Pionk
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