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1680 vs 2577

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I am contemplating the purchase of a 2007 2577 in the very near future. I am now running a 1992 1680. My corn head is a 6 row and a 25 foot 1020 flexhead. I do mainly soybeans and corn. Will I be happy with the upgrade to this machine; also are there any weakpoints? Thanks for any comments.
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i have been running a 2007 2577 for a friend of mine on his 1200 acre farm here in central ohio with a 1063 corn head and 25 foot 1020 head and it has been a great machine for us as for any problems we really havent had any problems except a hired hand leaving the engine cover up in the shed and noone knew it was up (OOOPS!!!) we stepped up to this machine from a 2344
You got way more power with the 2577 engine. I believe the 1680 was about 230 hp and the 2577 is an electronic engine with 290 peak. The electronic engines hold rpm better and seem to have a better torque curve. Of course you could have turned up the pump on your 1680. Even so the AFX rotor and big sieves are a capacity advantage on the 2577.

I believe you will fly with a 6 row head like 6 + mph. Unless you like driving real fast you may be looking for an 8 row head soon.
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