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1688 on 12 row 22"

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We are upgrading our planter and are moving away from 30" rows to go to 22" because our sugar beets and edible beans are grown that way. Now, we need to get a 22" cornhead. We have a CIH 1688 with a slightly turned up engine. Would this machine be able to run a 12 row, 22" cornhead, or should we stick with a 8 row 22" and straddle guess rows? It plays with my 6 row 30" head that we have now...
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Your 1688 should handle 12 x 22 just fine we run a 12x22 on our 1680 and our header is the limiting factor most times. It is a 900 series converted to 12x22.
I thought the gearboxes on the 900 series were too big to fit on 22"
You should be fine. We run 12x22" on our 1688 and it does great even in good corn. You may have to add some weight to the rear of your machine for good steering though.
howbout the 1688 header drives, would they need some kind of upgrade, or would they work the way they are?
the 900 series gearboxes are to big for 20" I believe but we were able to make it work for 22". The header drives will work just fine on the 1688 unless you are using a chopping head.
does anyone have pictures of a 1688 on a 12 row?
com'on, must be somebody with a picture right?
Here is a pic of our 1680 with a 12 x 22 900 series corn head. It's probably not exactly what you were looking for but is all I have.

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hey guy heres a silly question if you have an 8 row 22" wont it be easier to add Auto steer to your tractor and then that eliminates your guess row. we use a 6 row 40" corn front and plant with a 8 row maximerge. after geting auto steer on our tractor we don't have a guess row works well.
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