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1960 hesston 220 swather

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At somepoint i plan on buying my grandpas old hesston 220 sp swather and restoring it, my main concern is replacing all the drive belts and getting the engine running, its a wisconsin vg4d v4 gasoline air cooled engine, i think it will run if i get the old gas outta the tank and lines, from what i know it ran when parked, but i dont know how long ago that was, best guess is 20+ years. Any help will be appreciated.
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Run a Versatile 103 for 21 yrs, rebuilt the V4G twice ,1964 model ,yours might have the hand crank assembly. The needle valve in the carb would get a ridge in it after awhile, will run okay with the choke pulled out a bit 240 grit emery cloth will tune up the needle valve. Remove the plugs & run penetrating oil in cylinders. Look at dist cap for cracks & rust on inside,check the rotor for rust,cracks ,make sure it fits tight on the dist shaft. Check the points ,should have a clean contact end. If the motor really knocks when you get it going ,there is a couple of 1/8th pipe plugs on the intake manifold remove one 1 & pour water into it, will get the carbon out. These old girls like 90 + octane leaded gas.
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