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1960 hesston 220 swather

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At somepoint i plan on buying my grandpas old hesston 220 sp swather and restoring it, my main concern is replacing all the drive belts and getting the engine running, its a wisconsin vg4d v4 gasoline air cooled engine, i think it will run if i get the old gas outta the tank and lines, from what i know it ran when parked, but i dont know how long ago that was, best guess is 20+ years. Any help will be appreciated.
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The V4 Wisconsins were notorious for the valves sticking if they sat for any length of time. They are valve in block, and can be freed up most times just by removing the head above the appropriate cylinder and use a bit of WD40 and oil and work things back and forth. If you are careful, most times you can reuse the head gasket, though not something I overly recommend.

Ignition parts for both magneto or distributor ignition could be hard to find in some areas so be careful when you are cleaning up the points ect.

With a muffler, they are nice and quiet, most were run with straight pipes as they ran cooler that way. You will need to add a lead replacement additive. While it is something that should be used on all older gas engines, this is very critical on valve in block engines, which were commonly referred to as flat heads.

The crank is a short handled one, with a slotted bushing that fits over the end of the crankshaft thru a hole in the center of the air screen on the flywheel side, and engages on a roll pin driven thru the crankshaft. All Wisconsin engines used the same crank.
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