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1960 hesston 220 swather

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At somepoint i plan on buying my grandpas old hesston 220 sp swather and restoring it, my main concern is replacing all the drive belts and getting the engine running, its a wisconsin vg4d v4 gasoline air cooled engine, i think it will run if i get the old gas outta the tank and lines, from what i know it ran when parked, but i dont know how long ago that was, best guess is 20+ years. Any help will be appreciated.
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Back in the 60's we had an old Case baler Wisconsin engine (4 cylinder) that had been put on an old IH 45 baler. Remembering grinding the valves. Can't remember if it ran before we did that. That was a lot older motor than your Hesston probably has. Had to start with a crank. That thing roared like a dragster when it ran. I remember Dad working with the needle valve.
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