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1960 hesston 220 swather

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At somepoint i plan on buying my grandpas old hesston 220 sp swather and restoring it, my main concern is replacing all the drive belts and getting the engine running, its a wisconsin vg4d v4 gasoline air cooled engine, i think it will run if i get the old gas outta the tank and lines, from what i know it ran when parked, but i dont know how long ago that was, best guess is 20+ years. Any help will be appreciated.
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How would i go about finding leaded gas? Is there an additive i could use or somethin?
I believe its an electric start, dont recall ever seeing a hand crank, and i dont doubt it being loud as crap, air cooleds are always louder.
I did find a place that has magneto parts along with other parts for this engine, but im mostly concerned about the belt drives and where to find new ones, if available or if i can just pull them off and see if someplace has ones that are the same length and style (if i remember right they were v groove belts).
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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