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2001 2388

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There is a grease zerk on that pulley for the clutch. We were told years ago from a few combine mechanics to not worry about greasing it. Never had an issue from that area due to no grease and no problems with the clean grain plugging. Thoses clutches should only slip when the hopper ext. is full and in really tough wheat or something like that. Barley is light enough it shouldn't give problems there.
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I was doing soybeans this particular time but it slips in corn and wheat as well all fairly dry when harvested. Grease was the first suspicion but after getting it cleaned up nothing changed, his other machine is a 98 2388, same extensions more hours and the only time it slips is when you push too hard in good corn. This can be really aggravating because the separator can't turn on until you unload and it never happens in a convenient location.
There are heavier springs availible, i believe the 2588 uses them.The part # is 87527502. Also add washer's it to tighten it up . About all you can do except replace the rachet halves, they will look good but will slip a little quicker.
Check the hubs, If the disc that the springs push against touches the inner hub there is no tension on the slip clutch jaws and they will slip.
get doorknobs link to the bubble up auger he built...i'll bet that will solve your issue. Also is your elevator chain tight enough?
ran one of my stepdad's 2388s has an issue, it has J&M extensions on the bin however if you fill up barely in the sight glass the separator clutch will slip. the machine has got about 2500 sep hrs I believe and I know it has had extensive amount of new parts but am not sure as for specifics. The incline augur was built up last season I know and helped but did not solve the problem. The slip clutch was also taken apart and cleaned inspected and added washers, the discs looked the same as new ones so he did not replace them. What would you guys look for? Could the elevator chain be worn enough to not keep up put things in a bind whenever it starts getting back back pressure from the top. I have seen the hydraulic augers that go in th bin to help take pressure off the incline but do they help that much,
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will have to ask him about the elevator chain, farm is in south west Alabama and I live in Tallahassee Fl. so the bubble up augers help that much? Will also tell him to check the slip clutch hubs as he may not have been looking for that when he inspected before.
Thanks everybody, what little time I get to spend in a combine these days will be much more enjoyable with this problem taken care of.
the hub is probably worn out and is your main problem, also put the newer heavier springs in but be careful with how many washers you put in. If you put in too many it won't slip at all. Ask your case ih dealer for a service bulletin on the springs for the correct amount of washers.
ha'a weld it up direct and go. Really put the elevator on the high side also, we had trouble on a 2166 and that helped also check all the bearings on it. Helped my roommates dad during college one night when he was fixing his machine. I started walking around it and inspecting and found some other stuff wrong with it and it fixed alot of his problems.
Also check the U-Joints at the bottom of the incline auger. Ours got loose and put the system in a bind once in a while and made the clutch slip. Replaced u-joint And took care of problem
there is a hub you can get that uses 6 springs instead of 3 and put just one extra washer on each spring do this problem solved and it will slip if needed send me a message if you want a phone number to get one
Just replace the slip clutch and problem solved. Tighten chain and never grease the slip clutch. Had 2 2388's do the same thing last year, so put in new clutch no more problem. Good luck S
He said it did, and it makes since when the extension starts to get full you are trying to push grain through the pile instead of auger it up. I haven't built mine yet but it is on the project list.
if you build the bubble up home made where would you steal hydraulic oil, possibly somewhere it only came on with the separator?
I don't remember on the hydraulic. Doorknobs design has an extended shaft for the top of the elevator chain and a PTO shaft driving a right angle gearbox. The box is available on surplus center for $150. Here is the link to the gearbox
There are no hydraulics involved with doorknob's set-up. He tied onto the upper clean grain shaft with a ujoint shaft to drive the right angle gearbox. Nice and simple setup. Other manf. do use hydraulics to drive theirs. auger&highlightmode=1#M163412

Ck this out, doorknob's lesson for bubble ups.....
On our '02 2388 the bubble up auger was powered thru the reel drive so it only worked when the feederhouse was turned on. Bieng powered thru the reel drive you could vary the auger's speed in corn which made it nice. It doesn't have to run very fast.
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