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2002 9650 sts powerchip

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I was wondering if anyone has chipped a 9650 sts , curious about which is a good one and what percentage is safe to do
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we run one with 20% you can go as high as 30 but put a pryo in. davedan is the goto guy for this kind of info
We have been really satisfied with the ATO power modules, have run other brands and the ATO is the most stable. They only provide 20% and actually that is all that is needed, have run some 30% modules and find they are putting things over the top, a pyro guage is a must with 30%
It is a 8.1 as well, a 2002 model , that should make very comparable to a 9750
Just be aware that when you chip the engine on your combine you will disable the electronics that de-rate the engine power if
it heats.

I know of what I speak.

talk to amax, he has some experience chipping steinbauer is a heck of a chip, pm amax, to him see what options you have , scott.
We put a Bullydog Torque Amp on our '02 9650STS.
At 1st we tried 10% over but went to 20% and it really handled the 635 Flexhead in soybeans nice.
We ran it at 10% when combining corn with 8 row head as this was more than adequate.
What engine are you running in the 9650? Is it ok to go 20% on an 8.1l? I have a 2003 9650 and I was wondering the same. I ran an ATO module on a 9600 and liked it.
we have a 2001 9650sts that we put a bully dog chip on it, got it wiht 300hrs now it has 1200 and we have had no problems wiht the chip run it at 20% all the time, run a 12 row head on it with a big top hopper on it. very pleased wiht it. will be getting another to put on our 9670sts thats coming.
sorry for bumping a old thread up but no sense of posting a new one.

I just got a pretty good deal on a BullyDog chip, for $307, next cheapest price is $480. $173 savings.

its on amazon, ships in 2-3 weeks but i wanted it sooner so I got a price match from, they didn't hesitate to price match & it will be here tomorrow.
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