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2003 caseih 2388

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Im off to Kentucky from ontario to look at and possibly buy from what ive seen from the pictures ive been sent on a private deal on a 2003 2388 with a 2020 30ft head im currently running a 1688, 30 ft head what can I expect difference between these to machines is horsepower in the 2388 going to be higher. faster running speeds etc. I know the two mchine body wise and internals are pretty much the same thanks for any imput should I be looking at anything specific on the 2388 it has 750 hrs. and looks like new.
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YeAh I'm sure there's a increase of hp. I can't recall when the hp numbers all change

It will have (should have) the afx rotor and that will be a great thing!! I think that will have the 2 speed rotor which is better than the newer 3 speed ones. I'm not sure what to tell u about the 2020 new holland grain head. A few guys got them from our dealer and are happy. Most have went to drapers
Oh. My bad. I need to look that up. I was thinking there was a change on that in03. There were a few things that did change thast year. Ill try to find that hoober site
I always thought all 2388's had the three speed rotor gearbox?

Farmer Tony has a great page on his website that lists all the changes from 1977 through 2006.

That should answer some of your questions.
03 2388's have 3 speed gearbox i worked for guys in 03 who had two of them brand new.we had lots of air filter trouble because of the new side fan compared to the older ones with rear fans
Yeah, what is the gig with those fan screens? Every time my neighbour gets a new combine, the fan is back to where it used to be, and it is supposed to be better. Go figure??? Seems to me they worked pretty good back in 1982, they should have left them that way!
well deal is done it will be on its way next week weather permiting my 1688 rad would plug up often, and the buzzer for air screen constantly blowing even on a cross draft, so I guess Ill have to deal with the air issue, so is it air filter problem, not dirt in rad problem. is there any updates to help I seen on guy with a cage over the big round screen on the right side . cant wait to see the power difference between the two. my 1688 is on tractor house if anybody is interested Clover Leaf Farms, Ontario Canada.
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