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2006 2388 rotor gaerbox issues?

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Did the rotor gearbox issues get solved with 2006 machines ? Thanks
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Jumping out of gear. Had it on our 2588 also in the fall of '07. Still not fixed. Still not happy.
gear boxes had issues with detents for shift forks, probably gonna have to change out gear box, scott.
never had that issue but i recall hearing about it....i hope they get yours replaced..
It's to do with the shift lever near the cab door not engaging properly. Needs a better design. It has been changed on the new 88 series. Heard of a few stripping out low / med gear due to this.
i seen that on the 7088 i seen its over on the opposite side down by the clean grain elevator....

will it shift year in and year out unlike the other one that would seem to freeze almost over the year...

on the used combine we ran we never could get it to shift up by the cab it would just bend the rod..

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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