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2006 8010 fuel injection harness

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I am just wondering if any one else has had this problem,I have 2 2006 8010's and last year my #1 combine fuel injection harnesses went bad,my dealer came out and changed it and it has been working fine ever since.
And here is the real problem within 10 day I have had 3 new fuel injection harnesses installed in my # 2 combine with no reason for them to go bad, is they something my techs are missing any advice would be good,I have phoned Pro Harvest and left a message,but no call back yet.
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We have the same problem on our 06 machines. Changed both within hours of each other last year. Have changed it 4 times in the same machine. The newer style harness is not supposed to let the oil leak down into the connection but is seems funny that it happens on the same machine.
Hey I talked with my service guy about this problem call me and I will tell you what he said might be the problem.
I told you to buy 2588's instead. LOL did you do any canola Monday?
we had to replace them on both our 06's around 1500hrs and no more trouble (2400hrs now)
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