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2007 9760sts

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Did they change anything on the '07's from the '06's?
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Yes they did. Just a few changes, most noticeable being the feeder house. It is a flatface now with an unobstructed opening and a serrated u bar feeder chain on the grain machine.

Just got my machines in and the salt washed off. Haven't had a chance to climb over them yet to see all the little details.
I noticed a new machine that had a 4 chain 3 slat feeder house with the same U shaped slats that were bolt on, although not what I expect to be heavy enough bolts or chains. With the new flat face feeder house and chain & slats, I'd say they are finally taking some pointers from Lexion.
any pictures of the new combines?
Here are some pics when we loaded them at the factory. Been in a blizzard and don't have any unloaded at our place yet.

STS combines have always had 2 slat, 3 chain feederhouse chains. Must have been looking at a wide-body new walker WTS machine. The U-slat on the heavy duty feed package on a STS (2 slat, 3 chain too) does help prevent bending slats in rocks...that is the main reason for it. You can change out the regular chain for that one it you want...on any STS, just might have to remove a link or two to make it short enough for machines without the flat face feederhouse.

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Tires aren't on backorder...this year. Last year when I picked up my machines, they didn't have the right tires there so they shipped them to me later.

I put on the "go fast" tires on the front (900/65R38). Harvester won't let those tires go out of the factory actually on a machine, too tall for a double drop. We put on the 4" axle spacers and the tires when we get them home.

We built a deck for one of our Befort header trailers, which basically turns it into a flatbed. We pull that behind the combine trailer and the tires get loaded on that.
Nice pictures! I've been to the factory a couple of times, but I've never seen them loading a combine. I always thought they drove them on, and then pulled off the tires! Do you have any more pictures?
Just got our new 9760's ,Differences I see are feeder chain has angles welded on back of channel,plastic top cover on feederhouse opening,different drum on feederhouse,rock trap has different door and looks a little wider,cd radio standard and washer standard with premium cab.615p pickup is much stronger along the side metal near the front wheels.

Sure wish the autotrac would engage with a little "pinky" button like the sprayers,instead of engaging off of button "#2 or #3". Use those buttons for header height as well and it sure throws the combine around quick when you use the buttons to change height going around a slough or a bush.
It's finally warm enough and the mud is almost gone and we've begun to get our machines ready for the season.

Along with the changes Draww8 mentioned the concave adjusting bolts are a larger diameter, the replacable beater bars are 2 piece, there is a parcial cover over the clean grain auger, a clamp on the moisture meter to keep it plugged in, and this niffty little sticker

No more having to explain the drive driven concept!!!!
Wish they would put this one by the chopper drive too.
Of course, some of these were running changes during 2006.

As far as driving combines on trailers they have not done that since I've been picking them up with or without wheels. That has been since the 00's came out, back in the days of an A frame and a chain.

I have pics!!! Here's a few more from the factory.

Machines on rail bound for the port.

Payloader pulling a machine to the staging area.

And us unloading a 936D

Pic of a 9880i without wings.
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Do you know which port the combines were headed for? Baltimore? CNH sends theirs thru there.
Normally combines at Harvester Works are driven out of final assembly areas and parked outside without the parking brake applied and trans in neutral. The industrial endloader with special boom retrieves them for the truck or rail docks. Overhead crane picks up whole combine and sets it on semi-trailer. Endloader also jockeys them on to rail cars on inside rail dock. Combines can be loaded out without anyone ever starting and driving machine. Very surprised about pics inside Harvester Works. Usually they are very sensitive about pictures.
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Very surprised about pics inside Harvester Works. Usually they are very sensitive about pictures.

I think Deere has been more open to picture-taking by visitors. I've been to the Harvester Works at least 2 times in the 1980's. Of course that was well ahead of Homeland Security or any of the events leading toward it, too.
Also, notice, most of those pics are of HIS own combine, too.

Pictures are allowed now, at Grand Island, and I know they were allowed later at the East Moline plant, but back when it was still controlled by International Harvester, absolutely NO pics of any kind, were allowed. In fact, I had to surrender my camera at the front desk--to be retrieved after my tour.

I was really disappointed, too, because what I wanted most of all, were pics of those beautiful wall murals seen throughout the entire facility! Even my guide, an engineer, could not just take any "authorized" pics for me.

By the time J.I.Case took over, picture-taking was allowed, but all those walls had been painted over, no more IH graffiti and such.
Morale was also low for a while as employees had to endure some weird policy changes, too.

Things did look up by 10 years later, though, as the 2100 Series went out, but it was still not quite the atmosphere as it was, when it was still IH.
Much has also changed at Deere's Harvester Works, too. The plant has basically been completely revamped from the way it was in 1987, last time I was there in that decade.
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Yes the tour guide said they headin toward Baltimore. As for pics at harvestor they were okay with that, but no video cameras.

Quote:That's Great a Combine is BORN, it' s a JOHN DEERE. Happy Birthday April 1 Marelne

Gee, Motram, "born?"
I really must have missed something really serious when I used to tour the plant.

I guess all those guys running around, sticking things together was just the old "stork story" kind of stuff, huh?

Now I REALLY want to go back--for a sneak peek of their broodstock! They've got to have fantastic genetics, huh?
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I keep saying one day I'll get there too. 10 years later and still haven't been. Oh well.
That's Great a Combine is BORN, it' s a JOHN DEERE. Happy Birthday April 1 Marelne
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