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I have a 2200ht.. With 2400+- hours... This machine has updated booms..
Things to watch or replace...
Water pump, alternator, front leg bushings, hydrolic hoses in the legs front and rear. Hydrolic radiator, engine radiator, all filters, break away pins, vertical mast pins (hold boom to center section) they last 15k acres in my conditions. Hydrolic cylinders will start to bypass and settle on lift and others. (Simple remove and rebuild)
These are things I deal with but I run fertilizer. After all those thing are done... THIS IS AN EXCELLENT DEAL!!!!!!
You may have 5.9 engine leaks but what Cummins doesn't...

As is, this is an EXCELLENT deal for anyone interested for the update or prepare work is minimal!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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