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2008 montana pea harvest

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Just got done with our peas lastnite. this is one of our combines...9760 sts.....the heat really got to our peas and they only ran around 15......and about 500 acres that got hailed on ran about 7
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How did the 936D work in the peas.We are going to use a 936D in peas,got some flexxifinger for it, did you use any lifters.
Nice pics. I was wondering the same thing. How did the 936D work in the peas? It looks like a MacDon header on the combine in the pic second from the top??
the 936 worked fairly good in the peas. it was our first year with this head, and we had to tilt the sickle bar back a bit, because we were pushing dirt quite a bit. we still ended up pushing dirt here and there, but the peas were really short, so we were cutting as low as we could go. and yes the other one is a macdon 962. both headers seemed to work as good as the other one. 1200 acres was enough for me would be nice to have a flex draper. im definitely ready to start on the durum
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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