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I was at the show on Tuesday and Wednesday and watched the harvest demos both days. The corn was very wet. 35% is extremely conservative. The LEXION did not clog up, its returns plugged up (a very quick resolve - common to any combine in extremely high moisture). The moisture on Tuesday was running in the low to mid 40% and Wednesday was in the mid-upper 30% to low 40% (none of the corn at the show is in black layer yet). The 9120 definitely had some issues running with a 16 row corn head in the tough conditions on Tues. Its grain loss on Tues. was well over 100 kernals per sq. ft. (dropped to about 30-40 on Wed. when they switched to the 12 row corn head). What I noticed to be most significant was the unloading of the lexion 595 vs. the 9120. The 9120 started unloading later into its second pass and finished sooner than the lexion meaning that the lexions grain loss was significantly less - putting more into the tank. The 595 with its 16 row corn head was averaging each pass at about 6-8 kernals per sq. ft. (the 9770 STS with 8 row head the same...with half the head). The corn was about 170-180 bushel per acre. New Holland, Massey and Gleaner (all with 12 row heads) were all around 30-40 kernals per sq. ft. on Tues. New Holland improved significantly on Wed. to the same level as the lexion.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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