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The tri stream one is not new as it was an option on 60 and 70 sieries combines. It's referred to as the Rice feed accelerator. It is no longer an option either. You have to either get a variable stream rotor or a rice combine to get it. Variable stream combines also have it for a discharge beater. ( also a 70 series option)

In my opinion it is far superior in tough conditions. It tends to chew through material rather than wedge it in and plug. Our 9870's had them and they never plugged . Even with s-690 feeder house slip-clutches installed. Due to their higher speed they do take more power to run. Especially in high. Think this feed accel was one of the main reasons we got variable stream rotors on our 690's.

This is coming from a guy that has changed a lot of peoples burnt off feed accelerator belts.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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