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I will continue with some more crops.
This time, rye and oat. The rye was awefull in the yield 2-3 t/ha.
But it was von very sandy soil and is a variety which isn't breeded for grain yield.

Some of the pictures are taken in early september, normally the harvest should be finished already but due to weeks and weeks of rain, it became very late for some farms.
Who didn't have the chance to dry and store the grain in thier own terminal, was forced to wait till it's dry.

I tried to use some smaler pictures...

Cloud Sky Ecoregion Vehicle Sunlight

Wheel Tire Vehicle Sky Plant
Sky Plant Agricultural machinery Grass Wheel

Tire Wheel Agricultural machinery Agriculture Grass

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Off-road racing

One is smoking, 3 are running... (nothing serious though)
Vehicle Tire Ecoregion Cloud Sky

Wheel Sky Tire Automotive tire Grass

Cloud Sky Plant Ecoregion Land lot

Ecoregion Tire Vehicle Sky Cloud
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